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Mycelium House

Speaking about the architecture of the future, is necessary to take into account the fact that the attention of almost the entire planet is now focused on protecting the environment, the realization that mankind is gradually killing its own big house — Earth. Many countries are making progress in environmental activities: this includes separate waste collection, energy saving, using wind load, and so on. The task of the future is to save the Earth. In our project, we offer a solution to this problem — the use of biomaterial for creating houses. Using the example of Spitsbergen Island, where people are faced with the problem of snow melting, we have created a system that allows us to minimize atmospheric emissions, thereby stopping the melting of glaciers. The system is a mycelium, which is pre-programmed to spread around the island. At the given points will “grow” the capsules, which are houses. To create such a city we used mycelium — a type of mushroom that intertwines the antennae and creates a shape. It grows in the right direction. Mushrooms, according to scientists, proved to be very strong building material. Mushroom houses are significantly different from other building materials due to their ability to self-repair and self-disinfection. The material is highly biodegradable, there is no energy consumption during construction.