The main goal of the EGGUTOPIA project is the search for new ways in the development of the social environment of human life on the planet. Refusal of prevailing stereotypes and dogmas, social relations and rules slowing down the development of personality. Revision of economic ties and financial dependencies, behavioral patterns unusual for humans. Search for new directions in the development of the living environment of the future. Creation of new conceptual public models of resettlement and their implementation with the help of new architectural solutions.

The objectives of the project is a phased search for solutions in the following areas:

Individual living unit.
New and alternative types of individual dwellings that do not cause irreversible changes in their existing natural environment.
Application of the principle of one person — one living space.

New types of residential settlements.
The formation of colonies and settlements adopted in established ecosystems, consisting of individual residential cells for the autonomous residence of small groups of people on the natural landscape. Following the principle of the Adaptive Type of Settlement (ATS).

Communications and highways.
New types of transport communications and systems capable of connecting residential areas with areas of social labor, agricultural and industrial territories. Automated transport arteries capable of ensuring uninterrupted and safe dynamics of traffic flows. New types of personal and social means of accelerated movement in space. Automated traffic control systems ensure safety and speed.

New types and models of agglomerations.
New types of business agglomerations to meet the needs of the individual in the development of creative and business potential. Models of cities as places for the development of social activity of an individual. Agglomerations that exclude the possibility of permanent residence of large masses of the population in them. Cities as centers of business and intellectual activity of a developing society.

Industrial and agricultural zones and their adaptation.
New types of agricultural and industrial territories, built on the principles of high-tech and robotic processes for production and scientific research — consistent with the general idea of ​​an adaptive type of settlement in the existing natural ecosystem. The principles of non-waste technologies and respect for the prevailing natural balance, as the main rule for the formation of zones of application of industrial and agricultural labor.

General goals and principles.
The use of new materials and technologies necessary for solving architectural problems.
The search for non-standard solutions in the formation of a living environment using technical and constructive innovations not previously used in Architecture.
Designing New Social Connections and Public Relations in a New Model of Society.
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