List of Сontest Рarticipants 2019

for the best project —
The concept of Residential Cocoon for a New Social Environment as a part of EGGUTOPIA project, Rostov-on-Don.


1. The program and conditions establish the objectives, basic principles, the procedure for organizing, conducting and summarizing the competition (hereinafter — the “Competition”).
2.  The competition is held on the basis of the ‘Rules for conducting architectural competitions’ approved by Architectural Council of Europe and by the Union of Architects of Russia.
3. Any disclosure of information about contents and progress of the Competition, including publication of its projects and results of the Competition, can be made only after announcements of its results.
4. The competition is public and open (international participation is admissible), and it is held in one round.
5. Competition Organizer: Rostov Regional Public Organization (RRPO) of the «Union of Architects of Russia» (UAR).
6. Other organizers: ‘Academy of Architecture and Arts’ of the Southern Federal University (AAA / SFU), the Faculty of ‘School of Architecture, Design and Art’ of Don Technical State University (DSTU).
7. Oficial Information sources:; and
8. Working languages of the Competition: Russian, English.


The main goals of EGGUTOPIA project are:
— To find new ways in development of social environment and habitat for mankind;
— Rejection of old stereotypes of social relations and rules;
— Revision of economic relations, behavioral models/patterns and review of current goals in development of the modern society;
— Creation of new conceptual social models and their implementations with certain help of new architectural solutions.


 Project tasks are a phased search for solutions in the following areas:

— Individual living cell.
— New and alternative types of individual housing that do not cause irreversible changes in surrounding ecosystems.
— Application of the principle: One person — One living space.
— New types of residential settlements.
— Formation of colonies and settlements, adapted to the existing ecosystems and consisting of individual residential cells for autonomous residence of small groups in natural enironment/landscape.
— Communications and highways.
— New types of transport communications and systems, capable of connecting residential areas with areas of social labor, agricultural and industrial areas. Automated transport arteries which are capable of ensuring effective, smooth and safe traffic flows. New types of personal and public means (vehicles, etc) of fast transportation/transit.
— New types and models of agglomerations.
— New types of business agglomerations to meet all needs of an individual in effective development of his/her creative and business potential. Models of towns — as places for development of social activity of an individual.
— Agglomerations that exclude possibility of permanent residence of population.
— Industrial and agricultural zones and their adaptation.
— New types of agrarian zones, built on the principles of high-tech robotic territories, zones for production and scientific research — in correspondence with general idea of adaptive type of dispersal and distributive settlement of human beings in the current natural ecosystems.

Common goals.
— Use of new materials and technologies suitable for solving architectural problems.
— Search for non-standard solutions in the formation of new living environment using technical and structural innovations.
— Design of social connections and public relations in a new model of public organization.


Students of specialized universities, practicing architects, designers are all admitted to participate in the competition. Foreign participants are allowed and welcome to compete on the same conditions as citizens of the Russian Federation.
Participation in the competition is FREE. NO ENTRY FEE is charged.
4.3. In order to participate in the competition a potential participant should register first. After registering via SMS, each participant must send request to with his/her email address, where he/she will subsequently receive personal project number, further announcements and updates and all additional information. Information about groups (designer teams) will be stored in sealed envelopes, marked with an assigned six-digit number of competition project. The same project number should be placed on the upper right corner of each board submitted to the competition.
After determining three winning projects, the jury opens envelopes with corresponding numbers. The remaining envelopes will be unopened and therefore anonymity of other participants is preserved.
Every registered participant is assigned the status of Participant of the Competition, which is confirmed by Organizers of the Competition via e-mail (provided by an applicant during entry process).
Submission of the entry application confirms the consent of an applicant to participate in the Competition under the conditions outlined by the Program and the Conditions of the Competition.


 Works are reviewed by the Competition Expert Group. The experts study concepts for their compliance with the competition goal and tasks and prepare their conclusions.
Based on these conclusion of the Experts, the Organizer prepares a summary report and submits it to the Jury.
The experts then form LONG list of applications. Overal number of applications included in the long list should not exceed ten.
Organizers of the Competition open exhibition, where all works from the long list are presented as boards (or printouts of digital submissions). The rest of the works are presented in albums and on electronic media.
The jury reviews all entries submitted to the Contest and may select winners from ALL accepted entries, including those that were not included by the Experts in the long list.


 Evaluation of the competition projects and selection of winners will be made by the jury composed of the following persons:

 Chairman of the jury — A.E. Polyansky — Honorary Architect;
Alekseev S.Yu., Chairman of the Rostov regional organization of the Architects Union of Russia, Advisor of the RAACS;
Kravchenko V.I., Advisor to the RAACSN, Deputy Chairman of the Board of RRPO-UAR;
4. Logovatovskaya E.S., Professor of AAI SFU, Vice-Chairman of RRPO-UAR Board;
Molchanov V.M., Professor, the Head of Department of ‘Architecture of Residential and Public Buildings’, AAI SFU.
Kuvakin, O.S., an Architect, Conceptual Architecture.

Executive Secretary: Ovchinnikova Elena Aleksandrovna.

 Members of the Jury and the Secretary of the Competition must perform their duties guided only by professional considerations.
The venue for meeting of the Jury is determined by the Competition Organizer.
The Jury Session is legally qualified when at least 2/3 of all its members are present. Each member of the Jury has one vote.
With equal numbers of votes, the vote of the Chairman of Jury is decisive.
The jury has the right to reject any project submitted to the Competition if it does not meet the requirements of the program and the conditions of the Competition.
Voting procedure is determined by Jury members. It is recorded in official protocol.
Laureates of the competition — designs that take 1st, 2nd and 3rd place — are selected by majority of votes of the total number of voting members of the Jury.
Winner of the competition is the work that wins the first place.
Decision of the Jury is formalized in official protocol, which is signed by all members of the Jury and approved by its Chairman.


 Innovation ideas.


 The competition prize fund is 60 000 rubles.
The Jury has the right to devide the Prize Fund amount to three best projects, or to award the entire amount only to the best project.
The jury decides on procedure for awarding the Prize Fund by simple voting.
In case when Prize Fund is awarded to three best projects, the Prize Fund amount is divided in the following ratio:
1st place — 30 000 rubles.
2nd place — 20 000 rubles.
3rd place — 10 000 rubles.
8.6. The winners of the Competition will also be awarded with Diplomas of RRPO UAR.
8.7. Few Special Prizes will be also prepared by Partners of the Contest. Special Prizes will be awarded according to their own choice.


9.1. The winner(s) of the Competition, who received a reward, transfer the copyright to the Competition Organizer by signing written consent to that effect. (See Addendum No 2 «Agreement on the transfer of copyright»).
9.2. Rights to the projects sent to the Contest, but which did not win and did not receive any remuneration, belong to the respective Authors, in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation “On Copyright and Related Rights” (No5352-1 of July 9, 1993), including “exclusive rights” (Article 16, item 1, item 2). For commercial purposes, the materials of these projects are not used.
9.3. At the end of the competition, the Organizer and Partners have the right to promote its results in other exhibitions, in publications, via Internet, as well as in the press, printed publications, television programs and exhibition events without additional consent or coordination with the Authors. The Organizer and Partners have the right to provide competition materials to third parties for these purposes. Sending design materials (entry) to the present Competition means that the Participant agrees to the above conditions for the use of submitted projects.


 Submission of ENTRIES: Submission opens after publication of the competition prospectus on the ROOO SAR website.
Submission deadline: November 30, 2019.
Presentation of projects for the competition: December 1 — 15, 2019.
Evaluation of projects by the jury: December 16 — 31, 2019.
Announcement of results of the competition: November 1, 2019 (Published on ‘ROOO SAR’ website).
Details on:

Projects are submitted for evaluation by the jury in the ROOO SAR at:
Bolshaya Sadovaya street, 68,
Rostov-on-Don, 344002, RUSSIA

Designs should be presented on boards 1000 mm(h) x 700 mm(w).
Not more than three boards per project.
In electronic submission of projects the overal volume of sent materials should be comparable to the proposed volume, preferably compiled in three graphic sheets.
Graphic materials should fully show main idea and design. The scale and number of project projections, as well as three-dimensional images — at the discretion of the authors.

The contact person:
Alekseev Sergey Yuryevich
+7 (961) 326-11-22 (registration by SMS)
Questions and Registration on E-Mail: